The Morning Dump: 11/29/12

Are you ready for the Saints vs. Falcons game tonight?  The ground crew at the Atlanta airport is.  They threw eggs at the Saints team bus as it was leaving yesterday.  If I was Tom Benson, I would pony up for a free scrambled egg breakfast for the workers of the ATL airport tomorrow morning.  After the Saints roll those Falcons.

The Atlanta Braves are betting $75m that B.J. Upton will finally live up to the hype and have made the first big FA move of the offseason.  He will cover centerfield for the Braves and give them the right-handed powerbat they lack.

A Duke team that doesn’t fold in close game pressure will be very dangerous.  They showed grit in their win vs. the Buckeyes.

Sorry ACC, but the BIG10 is the best college basketball conference.

Brandon Marshall claims that NFL players are using Viagra as a PED.  Those loose ball pile ups just got more interesting.

Rough return to OKC for Harden and the Wizards are on a 1 game roll.

Who’s got the best Eurostep in the NBA?

Tajh Boyd is good and all, but there is no way he deserves to be the 1st team QB on the Coaches All-American Team.

The ACC should be happy with the Louisville for Maryland trade, but needs to be worried about more team walking away.  UNC or Va Tech to the BIG10 and Clemson or FSU to the SEC are real possibilities.




One thought on “The Morning Dump: 11/29/12

  1. That’s a tough one, Wade and Manu def are the gold standard when it comes to the Eurostep. Manu made it famous, and Wade perfected it. I’ll go Wade, but wouldn’t argue much if someone felt otherwise…

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