The Morning Dump: 11/30/12

Dumping a little late this morning, so here it is.

BreesThe Falcons intercepted Drew Brees 5 times and ended his TD pass streak at 54 games.  The Falcons are rolling to the #1 seed in the NFC, but I still put them behind the 49ers, Patriots, Texans and Giants as Super Bowl favorites.

David Stern is pissed at Pop for resting Duncan, Parker, Green and Ginoibli for the primetime matchup vs. the Heat and says sanctions are coming.  I don’t see the fuss and I think that Stern and the NBA need to get out of how coaches manage their rosters.

louisvilleLouisville upset Rutgers on the road and have pretty much clinched the Big East title and a BCS bowl.

The rumor mill has the L.A. Clippers making a run at Phil Jackson.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam thinks the Browns are close to being a playoff team.  Haslam’s children have started pricing facilities for him.



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