The Day After: College Football Week 14

  • BCS34 more days until we get to see Alabama and the SEC show Notre Dame what SEC football  looks like.
  • This would be a hell of a year for the upcoming 4-team playoff.  Notre Dame vs. Oregon meeting the winner of Alabama vs. Florida would be awesome.
  • Other projected BCS games look like this:  Stanford vs. Wisconsin (Rose), Kansas State vs. Oregon (Fiesta), Florida vs. Oklahoma (Sugar) and FSU vs. Louisville (Orange)
  • Northern Illinois can still play spoiler and knock Oklahoma out of the BCS, but CBSSports Jerry Palm thinks they will fall 1 spot short.  If the Huskies can get to the 16th spot, then they would get in the Orange and Louisville would go to the Sugar.  I think they get to 16 by less than .020 points.
  • georgiaGeorgia’s loss to Alabama in the SEC title game is all on Mark Richt for not having Aaron Murray spike the ball on 1st and goal from the 5 with less than 20 seconds on the clock.  Rushing that play was a stupid call and costs Georgia a shot at their 2nd national title.  I put no blame on Murray because I think his pass was going to the end zone before it was deflected.
  • Wisconsin made the most of the opportunity they got from Ohio State and Penn State’s bowl bans, to BEATDOWN Nebraska and earn their 3rd straight trip to the Rose Bowl.  Though Wisconsin won the game, Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez had a TD run for the ages.  76 yards on the stat sheet, but 120 on the legs.

  • Louisiana-Monroe should send a thank you card to the SEC and ACC for not having enough bowl eligible teams.  Because of that the Warhawks are going to their first bowl ever.
  • Jumbo’s Awards:  Coach of the Year:  Bill O’Brien, What he did at Penn State this season may be one of the best coaching jobs ever.  DPOY:  Manti Te’o, The best defender on the nation’s best team.  Heisman:  Johnny Manziel, Putting up those numbers vs. the SEC deserves the Heisman trophy.  I don’t care if he is a freshman.
  • armyTake some time next weekend and make sure you watch Navy at Army.  There is a reason why it has the weekend all to itself and it deserves your attention and respect.

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