The Morning Dump: 12/3/12

828_4071716223783_409022621_nDecember is here and the moustache is gone, so my wife will kiss me now.

The bowls are all set and there are plenty of boring matchups, but here are 3 I need to see.  Clemson vs. LSU, Oregon vs. Kansas State and Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M.

The BCS system is garbage.  The SEC holds 6 of the final 10 spots in the BCS rankings, but because of the 2 team limit Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M miss out on the BCS money.  Oklahoma finished tied for 1st in the BIG12 and because NIU got to #15, they miss out.  Oklahoma shouldn’t miss out, Wisconsin or Louisville should.

hi-res-150812420_crop_exactBrady Quinn breaks down the Jovan Belcher tragedy better than anyone else could have.  “When you ask someone how they are doing, do you really mean it?”

There better be a whole lot of Notre Dame students at the BCS Championship after an anonymous donor stepped up a donated enough jack to cut the cost of student tickets in half.

Are the Mets going to trade the 2012 N.L. Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey to the Rangers?  I think it’s going to happen.

Ed Reed has some words for the NFL.

Andrew Luck is going to be great.  He already has it.  He just might not be a good as Russell Wilson.  If you make me pick one rookie QB to win a game, I’m taking Wilson.

The Orlando Magic beat Dwight Howard and the Lakers in Howard’s first game vs. his old team.

10535665-largeMy college basketball top 5:  Duke, Indiana, Florida, Michigan and Arizona



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