The Morning Dump: 12/5/12

imagesFear the Pelicans.  Before you make fun of the new name for the New Orleans Hornets, please know that the proud and majestic Pelican is a great animal that deserves your respect. 

If you’re the Miami Heat you should be fearing the Washington Wizards.  Is there a lesson to be learned from this?  Lebron says NO.

I place the odds that Jon Gruden returns to the Raiders at 50/50.  He loves the Bay area and they love him.

The additions of Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino don’t seem to be the moves the Red Sox faithful want for their rebuilding team.

Eddie Curry signs to play in China for the rest of the year.  Do you hear that noise?  That’s the cries of 1 billion hungry Chinese people.  I hope he leads his team to a title and they have to make the world’s biggest bronze statue in his honor.

Robin Yount went ‘Dick Cheney’ on Cubs manager Dave Sveum and put some bird shot in his back.   

Quote of the night: “The Lakers just pooped their big boy pants”- Craig Ackerman


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