The Morning Dump: 12/10/12

imagesI want to see Marquez vs. Pacquiao 5 before I want to see Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.  That was how a fight should go.  Two men throwing bombs until someone’s lights go out.  Watching someone chase Mayweather around the ring will bore me to death.

Right now 11 of the 32 NFL teams are starting a rookie or 2nd year player at QB.  I can’t remember a time in the league when we had so many young QBs making an impact.

Adrian Peterson is chasing 2,000 yards and it just floors me that less than 1 year from an ACL tear he is back at this level.  He needs 400 yards with 3 games left to become the 7th RB to hit the mark.

Some NFL vets were very candid about drunk driving in the NFL.


imagesCAP4B35FI loved Rich Gannon’s line about Raven’s FB Vonta Leach.  He called Leach the “Chiropractor” because Leach makes a living adjusting people’s necks and backs.

The mayor of Columbus honored the 12-0 Buckeyes with a city street named “12-0 Row”.  His first choice was to get them all free tattoos, but they were already getting those.

Can the Lakers fire Mike D’Antoni (4-7) and put Bernie Bickerstaff (4-1) back in charge?

Do the Kansas City Royals think they are a pitcher away from the playoffs?  Why would you trade the best player in the minor leagues for James Shields?  I know Shields is a solid pitcher, but Wil Myers is a stud that will be the east coast Mike Trout.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are writing some serious checks this offseason.  Will they cash in?

Don’t give Tracy McGrady the ‘finger wag’.  He doesn’t like it.

 No Brad Keselowski or Clint Bowyer in the season opening exhibition Daytona Shootout.  Don’t you worry Keselowski and Bowyer fans, they will be reenacting the rental car scene from Days of Thunder instead.


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