The Morning Dump: 12/11/12

imagesCAB0GO47The Patriots are going into the playoffs looking like the team to beat in the NFL after destroying the Houston Texans last night.  Will this Patriots team do what they haven’t been able to do since 2005 and turn it into a Super Bowl win?

Bobby Petrino is the new coach at Western Kentucky and I give him 1-2 years tops before he walks to a bigger job.

Looks like a bit of panic from the Ravens in dumping Cam Cameron just weeks before the playoffs.  They were 11th in the league in points scored, but their defense has let them down.  We will see how Jim Caldwell can work with an ‘ELITE’ QB.

Shocking eyewitness account of Brent crash and aftermath.


The NHL has officially cancelled all games until 2013 as both sides continue to not move any closer to a deal.

On top of the players they have signed, the Dodgers are spending $100m on stadium renovations.  I have added it up and the Dodgers have spent $34 billion this offseason.

The West Virginia Mountaineer actually uses his musket for hunting and that is bad ass.  Who can top this mascot action?  Can you hunt with that spear, Chief Osceola?  Can the USC Trojan storm the battlefield?  I need more.




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