The Morning Dump: 12/13/12

imagesStayed up late last night watching a bunch of 70-year-old Brits invade New York.  The Who can still bring it like no other.

Roger Goodell cares nothing about player safety or the quality of the league.  All he cares about is $$$.  That’s why he is pushing 18 games, 16 playoff teams and Thursday games.

Lionel Messi scored 2 goals yesterday to give him 88 for the year.  He has 2 games left to break the 90 goals mark.  He is riding a 7 game multiple goal streak.

Tom Watson will get the Ryder Cup back for the USA in 2014.  Book it!

Surprising poll results from the state of Kentucky.  A lot of people don’t like Coach Cal.

imagesCAPCNU3FThe Timberwolves get Ricky Rubio back on the court this weekend.  Can he help push them into the top 5 in the West?  I say yes.

Tommy Tuberville left some Texas Tech recruits at the dinner table as he took the Cincinnati job.  Another class move by Tuberville.

When is Roddy White going to shut up and just play football?  He makes this pick easy for me.  Giants 35 Falcons 2

Is it worse to continue to play hard and beat a team 107-2 or is it worse to lay down and win 75-10?  I say it is worse to lay down.






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