The Morning Dump: 12/17/12

NFL: Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo BillsThe NFL regular season is rolling to a finish and some great storylines are developing. 

Who is going to win the NFC East?  The Giants, Skins and Cowboys are all tied up at 8-6, but if the season ended right now the Redskins would win the East and get the 4th seed.  The week 17 Skins/Cowboys game will decide this thing.

Who wants to play Seattle?  The Seahawks have banged out 50+ points in their last 2 games and get the division leading 49ers at home on Sunday night. 

My Saints are still alive for the playoffs.  Barely alive, but still alive.

Who wants the AFC North? 

Vikings%20Rams%20Football_JPEG-0c437Adrian Peterson rushed for 212 yds vs. the Rams yesterday and is only 188 yds from breaking the 2,000 yd barrier and 294 yds from breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season record.  With Houston and Green Bay left on the schedule, I don’t see him breaking Dickerson, but 2,000 yds is going down.

In getting R.A. Dickey, have the Blue Jays become the team to beat in the A.L. East?  I think so. 

The Lakers are on a winning streak.  It’s a 2-game streak, but it’s something.

The 3 RBs I told you to get your eyes on in Saturday’s bowls rushed for a combined 625 yds and scored 8 TD’s.  Did anyone see Arizona’s lat comeback?

Many people were shocked and upset by Josh Brent being on the Cowboys sideline for yesterday’s game.  I was not.  If his teammates and Jerry Brown’s mother want him there, then he belongs there.

Was I the only one not shocked by Butler’s upset win over Indiana?  Hasn’t Butler been doing this for the past decade? 

That was a great win by Arizona vs. Florida on Saturday.  Down 6 with less than a minute left to win was awesome.  They must have been inspired by the football team’s 2 TD in their final minute comeback.

013599-victor-cruz-shoesTouching tribute by Victor Cruz and a great piece by Steve Politi.  Many athletes showed their support of the Newtown victims over the weekend and I would love to mention them all.  Great job guys.






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