The Morning Dump: 12/18/12

18jets-1-articleLargeLast night’s game was an insomniacs dream.  5 minutes of the Titans/Jets will put anyone to sleep.  You have to start thinking that Rex, Sanshise and Tebow are close to done in NY.

Congrats to Jim Boeheim’s 900th career win.  He joins Dean Smith and Coach K as the only other members of the 900 win club.  Where does Boeheim rank on the list of All-Time great coaches?  I have him 7th.

Linsanity was back in the Garden last night and the Rockets gave the Knicks their first home loss of the season.

With 2012 closing down, here’s a look at the highs and lows of the 2012 PGA season.

5_230_1349283851The NHL is still locked out.  See you in 2014!

Some MLB pitchers will be testing out new hats with a synthetic composite padding.  This is with hopes that the hats will offer more protection to the most vulnerable position in baseball.



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