Has the 2013 New Orleans Saints season started yet?

11912411-standardI should have been ready for it.  I should have known that these were MY New Orleans Saints.  I was looking for the Saints that won over 75% of their games and a Super Bowl over the last 3 seasons when I made this pick “Super Bowl Champion:  New Orleans Saints.  I should have expected that my beloved Saints would run to the comfort of their losing ways after the league dropped the “Bounty Hammer” on them. 

This season was not a total loss (Win over Atlanta, Willie Roaf in the HOF and making Roger Goodell cry), but the highs have been crushed by the lows.  The only other comfort I can hope for this season is for the Saints to knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs this weekend.  I am reaching, I know.

Will the 2013 season be better? 

seanpaytonWill Sean Payton be our Head Coach?

Will Drew Brees get back to his MVP caliber level?

Will our defense return to the level it needs to be?

Will the Saints do right and draft one of the beast DL from the 2013 draft class?

No matter what the answers to these questions are, I am ready for the 2013 season.


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