The Morning Dump: 12/19/12

hi-res-157358311_crop_exactThe Jets have pulled the trigger on replacing Sanchise (50 turnovers in 2 seasons) and named Greg McElroy the starter.  That’s the same Greg McElroy they left inactive for Monday’s MUST WIN game vs. the Titans and Tebow isn’t happy with McElroy getting the nod over him. The Jets are a joke and that team will look very different when the 2013 season starts.  Who wants that job?

The coach from “Friday Night Lights” has resigned.  I didn’t even know that show was still on TV. 

The Lakers are winners of their last 3 and are looking like the best team in the league.  They have to be the best right.  Has anyone else ever come back from 18 down to the Bobcats?  Have the Bobcats ever had an 18 point lead? 

Who wants to be the 2nd best team in the nations best most overrated basketball conference? 


Utah State was able to keep Gary Anderson from leaving to go to Colorado or California, but is doesn’t look like he will be able to resist the Wisconsin job.  A great program gets a great coach and the Badgers will remain a BIG10 powerhouse.

lebron-bike-carouselLebron likes to ride his bike home from Miami Heat home games.  If I’m the Heat, I’m having a staff member follow the best player in the game home each night.

Due to the backlash they received from having him on the sideline, the Cowboys have now banned Josh Brent from the sidelines.


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