The Morning Dump: 12/20/12

chipkellyIf the Mayans are right and tomorrow is going to be the end of the world, then I am going out listening to The Who all day long.

It seems Oregon’s boosters are hoping Chip Kelly takes the money and runs to the NFL.


With RG3 getting fined $10,000 for rocking Adidas gear in a post game interview, Adidas has to be loving all the free plugs at the NFL’s and Nike’s expense.

Duke leads the SI Power Rankings, but my top 5 is a little different.  I got Duke, Michigan, Arizona, Florida and Louisville.

#23 UNC got rolled up by Texas last night.  UNC fans are learning fast that if Reggie Bullock leads your team in anything you are in trouble.

Barca coach Tito Vilanova will be taking leave from the team to have throat surgery for cancer.  The doctors are also doing test to see if being so close to Lionel Messi’s greatness causes cancer.

The state of New Jersey should send the Nets a “Thank You” card for leaving.

tumblr_lr47n9Hvoz1qdvmhso1_400The NBA has trademarked 5 names to replace the New Orleans Hornets.  The New Orleans Rougarou is starting to grow on me.  Hell, that thing kinda looks like Anthony Davis.

It was great to see Bill O’Brien win the Maxwell Club Coach of the Year Award.  Brian Kelly would have been a great choice, but the culture change and healing process that O’Brien is leading at Penn State deserves attention.

Sam Donaldson’s DUI impresses me.  I always enjoy it when an unexpected DUI hits the boards like this one.  Who cares if Lohan or and NFL player gets one?  I like my drunk drivers to be straight-laced political correspondents.


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