TSD 2012-2013 Bowl Previews: 12/22/12

New Orleans Bowl: East Carolina (8-4) vs. LA-Lafayette (8-4) 12pm ESPN

121221115656-terrance-broadway-single-image-cutThe ECU Pirates make a trip to the Superdome to play the Ragin Cajuns in what might be one of the most exciting bowls of the season.  Neither defense looks to put up much of a fight against the offenses that will be on the field today.  The Pirates are on a 3 game bowl losing streak and I don’t think they end it against the Cajuns in New Orleans.  LA-Laf 42-38.

5 Reasons to Watch

  1. Offense, Offense, Offense!  Both these teams should throw up the points, so if  you are planning to take a nap don’t watch this game.
  2. LA-L CB Melvin White may be the only defensive bright spot in this game.  Look for him to get drafted around the 4th or 5th rd in next year’s draft.
  3. ECU RB Vintavious Cooper has a chance to have a big game vs. the Cajuns rush D.
  4. Broadway vs. Carden in a pretty damn good QB battle.
  5. It’s Football.

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