The Morning Dump: 12/26/12

353cbbfa9ca0468f816377526bbf8ba8-d32be15743f14ac59822a8ee864c95ba-1It was a solid slate of Christmas day NBA action yesterday.  The Lakers beat the Knicks for their 5th straight win (back to .500) and have got to love getting Steve Nash back.  The Celtics dominated the boring Nets and the Heat beat the Thunder.  The NBA best Clippers won their 14th straight and don’t look to be slowing down.

DeMarcus Cousins’ indefinite suspension from the Kings lasted only one game.  Way to prove a point Sacramento.

Joey Porter is out of jail after paying off the $70Grrr he owed the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas.

I caught some of the Arizona/SDSU game and the Wildcats look pretty damn good. 

1349464413_hulk-hogan-467Next time the job send me down to Tampa, I might have to make a trip over to “Hogan’s Beach” and try out the mechanical shark.

Mark Faller of the Arizona Republic has turned in his baseball Hall of Fame ballot with nothing but his signature on it.  He is doing this as some sort of stupid protest that no one deserves his hall of fame vote this year.  If the BBWAA or the baseball Hall of Fame had any balls, they would never allow that ass clown to vote again.

It seems to me the NHL and the NHLPA are doing nothing to end this lockout.  They meet once a month and are fully intent on letting this thing drag all season.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of the guy giving his dad BCS championship tickets.  Priceless reaction from his pops.  Bama needs to step up and get these guys field passes.


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