The Top 3 Super Bowl Halftime Shows Without Nipple Ever

1.  Bruce Springsteen, 2009

2.  U2, 2002

3.  Michael Jackson, 1993


Does God Care Who Wins The Super Bowl?

imagesCAIVI8OYI read some very interesting survey results from the Public Religion Research Institute about God and sports.    According to he survey 27% of Americans believe God helps decide the outcome of a sporting event and 53% believe God rewards athletes who have faith with success.  This leads me to one conclusion.  What did Tim Tebow do to piss off God so much he banished him to the New York Jets bench?

The Morning Dump: 1/31/13

imagesgayI know the Grizzlies needed to trim some payroll, but the team with the 4th best record in the West should have seen how for there proven nucleus could have got them this year.  I think the Memphis fans should be very upset about this move.

I don’t know what Toronto is trying to do in acquiring Rudy Gay and his $16m salary.  He won’t help them get to the playoffs and he won’t bring fans to the arena.  Stupid move by the Raptors.

In another stupid move, 49er CB Chris Culliver went on an anti-gay rant during the Super Bowl media day.images

“Gameday Bucket Go BOOM!”- Hot Girl In KFC Commercial

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo told Dr. Phil that he fell deeply in love with Te’o during this entire “fake girlfriend” SNAFU.

Less than 2 more weeks until pitchers and catchers report and we get closer to some baseball.

Dwight Howard has another fake shoulder injury and the Lakers lose a 9 point 4th qtr lead to the Phoenix Suns last night.  The Lakers had no chance with the Suns wearing those 90’s throwbacks.  I remember playing ball back home in my Charles Barkley Suns jersey.

Former Arkansas coaches are speaking out about the 2012 team throwing in the towel on John L. Smith and the season.

imagesCA0CEEL6Barcelona and Real Madrid played to a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the Copa del Rey.  Messi was too busy planning his epic Super Bowl bash to score a goal and lift Barca to the win.

If you have $218 in your bank account, you have more than the country of Zimbabwe.


The Morning Dump: 1/30/13

Why is Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth talking about Tebow’s lack of talent a story?  The story should be when an analyst thinks Tebow has talent. (I had to share any story with the word ‘SNAFU’ in the heading)

20775818_BG3You will be hearing alot more about S.W.A.T.S.’s  involvement with Ray Lewis in SB47 thanks to Sports Illustrated’s look at the 2-man operation.

I know the numbers don’t stack up when you put them side-by-side, but I would take Randy Moss in his prime over any WR in the history of the game.  Yes, even Jerry Rice. (I see a All-Prime Team in the works)

Dario Franchitti and Ashley Judd are ending their marriage of 11 years.  It has not been reported, but many feel that it is because Ashley is such a pain in the ass when UK isn’t doing well and Dario can’t handle it any more.

How long can the Bikini Basketball League last if the players are wearing shorts and sports bras instead of real bikinis?  20-30 minutes?  This is straight fraud.  I need a senate committee on this.

alex_rodriguez--300x300I think that A-Rod using PEDs last year and still hit less than .150 in the playoffs, means that Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGwire, Palmeiro, Bagwell, Piazza and anyone else who used PEDs and still put up great numbers should get in.

The Blackhawks are looking like the BEAST of the NHL.  A 6-0 start is like a 12-0 start with this short season.


The Morning Dump: 1/29/13

imagesSuper Bowl week is in full bloom and Jim Harbaugh was the star yesterday with the media.  The guy that fared the worse was Mr. I’m A $20m-per-year QB, Joe Flacco.  Flacco dropped the “Yeah, I think it’s retarded.” line when asked about a cold weather Super Bowl in NY.

Tiger Woods shot an even par 72 in the final round to win at Torrey Pines and get his 75th PGA win.  He is now 8 wins from passing Sam Snead as the all-time winningest golfer on tour.

It can’t be a good day when you get arrested and the police report includes the words soy sauce and underwear.  That’s what happened to former 49er Kwame Harris, who was arrested for assaulting his ex-boyfriend.

imagesCA91XWA2Manchester United is now worth $3B and is easily the world’s most valuable sports franchise.

Roger Goodell still needs to be wary of the streets of New Orleans and might want to choose very carefully the establishments he enters.  I would also employ a food and drink tester as well.  He is still Public Enemy #1 to many in the Crescent City.

What’s the perfect dip for your SuperBowl 47 party?  A 47 layer dip, of course.

imagesCAF5CQB7Kristin Cavallari does not want her and Jay Cutler’s 5-month-old son to play football.  No shit!  Who would want a 5-month-old to play football?

The news out of Colorado is that snowboarder Caleb Moore’s condition is deteriorating and he may not make it out of the hospital.  Moore’s snowmobile landing on him during his event and caused a heart injury that led to a brain injury.

Attention FIU football players!  You can’t take recruits to the strip club.  The NCAA frowns on that.