The Morning Dump: 1/2/12

kellen_winslowDuring my channel surfing last night in mid bottle feed, I caught Kellen Winslow Jr. going soldier on a  Total Gym.  Hard times.

Some great New Year’s Day bowls on the schedule yesterday.  Andy Murray had 5 TDs in Geo’s win over Nebraska, Northwestern won it’s 1st bowl in 64 years and Stanford won the Rose Bowl.

Is Big East Basketball using replacement refs?

The streaks are over.  Charlotte ended their losing streak at 18 games and the Clippers had their winning streak snapped at 17.  I think the Bobcats have another streak in them.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, Amar’e Stoudemire is back.

Jason Garrett says that Tony Romo has a bright future with the Cowboys.  With Romo’s contract up after the 2013 season, anything short of a Super Bowl will see him and Garrett looking for work.

The NHL and the NHLPA will meet today to discuss nothing.

Soccer Night in Newtown is growing to include many MLS stars and other U.S. soccer greats like Mia Hamm and Alexi Lalas.  The event is the idea of Houston Dynamo general manager and Connecticut native Chris Canetti and will be held on Jan. 7th.

Jadeveon Clowney killed a man yesterday and stole his football.  Roger Goodell tried to fine and suspend him, but Paul Tagliabue informed him that good clean hits were still allowed in college football.

Happy Birthday Pop!


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