The Morning Dump: 01/03/13

imagesThe greatest linebacker of all time is stepping away from the game after the playoffs with Ray Lewis deciding that this season will be his last in the NFL.  The man would make a great coach, but I think he will make a monster living as a motivational speaker.

Why was the Louisville win over Florida such an upset?  Florida has been on upset watch all season.

I’m looking forward to the Fiesta Bowl matchup between Oregon and K-State tonight.

Free Palmeiro!  Free Palmeiro! Free Palmeiro!  The man was innocent and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

ARIt looks like the Chiefs made an offer to Andy Reid that was good enough for him to skip his Arizona interview.

Who is making the decisions in Buffalo?  Why are they interested in Jim Haslett and Ken Whisenhunt?  The NFL needs to take that team and put them in Los Angeles.

Shocking News Story Of The Day:  Andruw Jones’ wife has filed for divorce from Jones.  Getting dragged down the stairs will do that to a marriage.

Victor Dukes is a beast and just a high school sophomore.  I love the line about injuring a player with a dunk.


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