The Morning Dump: 01/04/13

imagesGet ready for Chip Kelly in the NFL, because it’s happening this time.  San Diego and Arizona are the front-runners now, but Philly will have a big offer.  I think he stays near the West Coast.  I just wish he was going to a NFC South team so I could see him and Sean Payton go H2H in play calling twice a year.

Smart classy move by Bill O’Brien to stay at PSU, but there is no way he finishes out his contract there.  The NFL (Carolina, Oakland, NYJ, Detroit, Cowboys) will be knocking hard next season.

I love that Coach Cal uses heart monitors to tell which players are hustling.  Les Miles will have them is his weight room tomorrow.

Jerry Brown Jr. was sober when he got in the car with Josh Brent and that makes the story even worse.  Brent is at fault, but Brown shares some blame in his own death for getting in the car with a man who was drinking.

How Oregon scored only the 2nd 1-point safety in NCAA history.



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