TSD NFL Playoff Predictions

imagesWhile I am still heartbroken that my beloved New Orleans Saints failed to make the playoffs after being unjustly persecuted by Roger Goodell and the NFL (Still Bitter!), I will be watching the NFL playoffs hard.  The 2nd best of the pro sports playoffs may now be #1 considering the NHL may never come back, but that’s for another day.  I give you my picks and views on the 10 games leading up to Super Bowl XLVII.  Let’s get to it.



#5 Seattle Seahawks at #4 Washington Redskins 1/6/13 4:30pm FOX

2 hot teams, but only one can move on.  This game will be decided by a big play from one of the rookie QBs in their first playoff game.  Will that big play help their team or the other?  I’m taking the Seahawks to come up big on the road and get the win with the help of some RG3 turnovers.  Seahawks 34-24

#6 Minnesota Vikings at #3 Green Bay Packers 1/5/13 8pm NBC

I love a team that has played playoff football going into the playoffs and that is the Vikings and Adrian Peterson.  I think they roll into Lambeau with a ton of momentum.  Look for AP to hit the 150 yrd mark and for Christian Ponder to repeat his efficient performance from last week and the Vikings pull the upset.  Vikings 27-23


falcons#6 Minnesota Vikings at #1 Atlanta Falcons 1/13/13 1pm FOX

Peterson will be able to run the ball on Atlanta, but will it be enough.  With points the Falcons can put up, the Vikings don’t have the offense to get out of Hotlanta with a ‘W’, so Matt Ryan and Mike Smith get their first playoff win.  Falcons 35-17

#5 Seattle Seahawks at #2 San Francisco 49ers 1/12/12 8pm FOX

These 2 NFC West teams and very familiar and don’t like each other.  The Seahawks are hot and the layoff will hurt the 49ers and the Seahawks will come off their big win in Washington to upset the 49ers on the road.  Seahawks 27-24

NFC Championship

russell-wilson-seahawks-5a4804c56b7bbf081#5 Seattle Seahawks over #1 Atlanta Falcons 1/20/13 3pm FOX

The Falcons earned some respect from the first playoff win of the Ryan/Smith era and their prize is the hotter than hot Seahawks.  As much as I want to see the Falcons fall in the Superdome, I don’t see them making it past the Seahawks.  The Seattle secondary will give Matt Ryan hell and the Seahawks are Super Bowl bound.  Seahawks 28-17



#6 Cincinnati Bengals at #3 Houston Texans 1/5/13 4:30pm NBC

This game will look much different from last year’s Texans playoff win over the Bengals.  The Bengals have matured since that loss and Andy Dalton is a proven leader now.  The Texans are going the wrong way with a 1-3 December record and I don’t like their chances.  Look for the Bengal D to pester Schaub and for a Bengals win.  Bengals 24-17

imagesCAPT8PTM#5 Indianapolis Colts at #4 Baltimore Ravens 1/6/13 1pm CBS

Ray Lewis is going to be back and I don’t see the Ravens letting this be his last game.  Andrew Luck has worked wonders with this team, but he will face one of the games best big game DBs in Ed Reed.  Look for Reed to come up big with a pick or two and the Ravens to win big.  Ravens 35-13


#6 Cincinnati Bengals at #1 Denver Broncos 1/12/13 4:30pm CBS

The Broncos are the most complete team in the NFL and are the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl.  Peyton Manning is playing at his elite level and the defense gets  after the QB like no other.  The Bengals are hot, but the Broncos are hotter.  I don’t see the young Bengals getting out of Denver with the win and I have the Broncos moving on.  Broncos 38-24

imagesCA9XLER9#4 Baltimore Ravens at #2 New England Patriots 1/13/13 4:30pm CBS

At least the Ravens don’t have Lee Evans or Billy Cundiff to let them down vs. the Patriots this year.  The Patriots are a machine and they will get past the Ravens and put an end to the career of Ray Lewis.  No fancy words, just a pick.  Patriots 42-17

AFC Championship

#2 New England Patriots at #1 Denver Broncos 1/20/13 6:30pm CBS

Manning vs. Brady for a trip to the Super Bowl.  Haven’t we seen this before?  I love this Broncos team, but I don’t like Manning’s history in cold weather games.  I have said it before that Manning isn’t a big game QB and Brady is.  There is a reason that Brady has been in 5 Super Bowls to Manning’s 2.  Patriots 34-27

Super Bowl XLVII 2/3/13 6:30pm CBS

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks


I’m saving my pick for Super Bowl week.


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