Recycling Is Bad… In the NFL.

imagesIt looks like the Buffalo Bills made the first smart move of the offseason with the hiring of Doug Marrone as their next head coach.  Marrone is a great offensive mind and has quality experience on the pro and college levels.  This will be his 1st NFL head coaching job.  The Kansas City Chiefs had a chance to make a smart move of their own, but they went with the recently fired Andy Reid as their next head coach.  What is the obsession with NFL teams digging through another team’s trash and getting a head coach.

Denver OC Mike McCoy

Denver OC Mike McCoy

The only names we need to be hearing in the NFL coach rumor mill are Chip Kelly, David Shaw, Mike McCoy, Ray Horton and Bruce Arians.  No team should be considering Todd Haley, Ken Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith or Hue Jackson as their next head coach because if those guys could lead a NFL team, they would still have that job.  I know that it sometimes works (Dungy, Coughlin, Belichick), but none of those guys are a Dungy, Coughlin or Belichick.  It’s time to make a stand, NFL teams.  If you see something in another team’s trash, leave it there or make him an assistant.  Just don’t give him a 5-year deal and the keys to the franchise.


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