BCS Championship Game: #1 Notre Dame vs. #2 Alabama

I’ve gone over the particulars and I am ready to make my pick for tonight’s National Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia5 Reasons I’m Picking Alabama To Win

  1. SEC Dominance:  There is only one reason that Notre Dame is undefeated going into the championship game and that is that they didn’t play a SEC team on their schedule.  I would pick 5 SEC teams to beat the Irish on a neutral field.
  2. Alabama’s Running Backs:  T.J. Yeldon and Eddie Lacy give Alabama the nation’s best RB tandem and they will put Notre Dame’s famed goal line D to the test.
  3. A.J. McCarron:  McCarron gives Alabama a calming force that the Irish will not have.  McCarron has been there, done that and he will lead the Tide to another title.
  4. Toughness:  The Irish are a hard nose football team, but Alabama is vicious.  The Tide will bring the hammer to the Irish and they will have to fight and claw for every little yard.
  5. Nick Saban:  If you asked me to pick the coach I would most want to lead my team into the big game, Saban would be my 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.  Saban gets his 4th National Title and cements himself with the greats.

Pick:  Alabama 27-Notre Dame 10



2 thoughts on “BCS Championship Game: #1 Notre Dame vs. #2 Alabama

  1. Hoping for Notre Dame, but just hoping they can make it competitive, cause Saban is a dream crusher :).

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