The Morning Dump: 01/07/13

The NFL playoffs left me wanting more and it felt strange not having a Sunday night game last night.

010613-NFL-Ravens-PI-AA_20130106170927666_660_320The Texans underwhelmed in their win over Cinci, Green Bay put it on the short-handed Vikings, the Ravens rode the emotion of Ray Lewis over Indy and the Seahawks beat up the Skins.  No close games and no real excrement.

I don’t know much about Mike Shanahan, but I would bet my life that he would drive around with the check engine light flashing until his car just dies.  I just hope this car’s not totaled.

I think Chip Kelly is scared to get his “Offensive Genius” exposed in the NFL.  He is a joke.

Royce White vs. Houston Rockets is a sad strange story and I don’t know whose side I’m on.

I don’t know if the wind in Kapalua will ever let the PGA finish its opener.

uspw_6169738_crop_exactIt looks like a wasted year for my man Kevin Love, who suffered his 2nd broken hand of the year.

Maxpreps gives us a look at what a high school bowl game schedule would look like.

Barring something insane in the voting process, Lionel Messi will win his 4th straight Ballon d’Or later today and leave no doubt who is the best of all time.

The NHL is back and with that I give you some Warren Zevon.


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