2013 Dynasty Rookie Rankings (01/08/2013)

imagesThe college bowl season is over and we got a great look at many of the top draft prospects in the nation.  If you are still basking in the joy of a fantasy championship, then quit reading, but if your dynasty team is in rebuilding mode and you are already looking to your league’s 2013 Rookie Draft to save your team.  Here is my current 2013 Dynasty Rookie Rankings.  Do I know this is early?  Yes!  Who gives a damn?  These are my rankings as of today and I will update as information changes from the senior bowls, draft combines, pro days and the NFL draft.  Let me know if there is someone I am missing or if you are shocked to see a name you didn’t think you’d see.

3 Keys To A Winning Rookie Draft

  • Know your needs. 
  • Do your research. 

and my #1 key to winning your rookie draft. 

  • Don’t show up late for your draft.

2013 Dynasty Rookie Rankings (01/08/13)

1. Geno Smith, WVU QB Let me first say that Geno Smith is not the #1 rookie, but if you need a franchise QB he is your only option in this draft.  Geno Smith is the only rookie guaranteed to be walking into a starting job.  He will go anywhere from 1st to 7th in this draft.  You just need to be comfortable with drafting the Kansas City Chiefs QB.
2. Eddie Lacy, ALA RB If you need a reason to take Eddie Lacy in your rookie draft, just watch the 2013 BCS title game.  Lacy went beast and was a tackle breaking machine.  He will do it on the NFL level.
3. Giovanni Bernard, UNC RB Bernard has moved up draft boards fast and has the look of a Trent Richardson.  He is versatile and will be 3 down back in the league.  Bernard will be the first or second RB to go in the 1st rd of the NFL draft and will be a fine addition to your RB stable. 
4. Keenan Allen, CAL WR At 6’3 and 210 lbs, Allen has the body that NFL teams are looking for in a WR.  He has good speed and even better hands.  He should get drafted in the top 15 of the NFL draft and in the top 5 of your Rookie draft.
5. Terrence Williams, BAY WR Williams is a great vertical runner with outstanding route running ability.  He has toughness about him that NFL scouts love. 
6. Montee Ball, WIS RB When you are compared heavily to Hall of Famer Curtis Martin, you may have a bright NFL future.  Montee has a bruising style and runs with purpose.  He doesn’t take long to decide where to run and knows how to read his blockers.  He could be the next Steelers RB.
7. DeAndre Hopkins, CLEM WR He doesn’t get the press that Sammy Watkins gets at Clemson, but Hopkins is an elite talent.  He has great hands, range and speed and will be a legit NFL WR.
8. Tavon Austin, WVU WR Austin’s past as a RB means he is better suited for contact than other WRs of his stature.  His lightning speed makes him ideal as a slot WR and an elite returner.  He compares to DeSean Jackson at the next level.
9. Andre Ellington, CLEM RB Lighting fast running with great vision and skills.  He can catch the ball out of the backfield and will really help your PPR league.  His weakness is toughness, so he needs to bulk up to be a full-time back.
10. Matt Barkley, USC QB If Barkley would have left after his junior year he would have been the 2nd pick in the NFL draft and a top 5 pick in rookie drafts.  He had a solid year, but USC’s failure to live up to expectations hurt him.  His leadership is his strong suit and I look for Arizona or Oakland to draft him. 
11. Robert Woods, USC WR Woods started the 2012 season as the #1 WR, but he had too many drops this season and was overshadowed by other weapons at USC.
12. Marcus Lattimore, SC RB If you have no need for a RB in the 2013 season, Lattimore may be your man.  After suffering his 2nd major knee injury in 2 seasons, Lattimore may not play next season, but he will be sought after on draft day.  When healthy he has it all and may still be the best back in this draft.
13. Justin Hunter, TEN WR At 6’4 200lbs, Hunter is a big WR with #1 WR potential.  I question if he can reach that potential and join the NFL elite.  He needs to work on his pass catching for the next level and if he does that… Watch Out!
14. Joseph Randle, OSU RB Lighting fast running with great vision and skills.  He can catch the ball out of the backfield and will really help your PPR league.  His weakness is toughness, so he needs to bulk up to be a full-time back.
15. Mike Gillislee, UF RB Here is a guy I really like.  He has shown great skills this season and has the look of an every down NFL back.  He has banged out over 1,000 yds vs. SEC talent and has scouts watching hard.
16. Cordarrelle Patterson, TEN WR A big bodied WR, who was overshadowed by Hunter at UT, but he is a NFL talent.  Patterson could be a 1st round draft pick and is on the rise.
17. Quinton Patton, LATECH WR He did his senior season right with 104 catches and 13 TDs for the nations #1 offense.  He has good speed and a great build for the NFL.  Keep your eye on the 2nd team All-American at the senior bowls.
18. Kenny Stills, OKLA WR Stills is the kind of WR that makes the tough catches look easy and the easy catches look difficult.  He will need to become more consistent, but if he does he could be a solid NFL talent.
19. Stepfan Taylor, STAN RB Taylor has all the tools and to be a lead back in the NFL, but I am waiting until the Senior Bowls to move him into the top 10.  Don’t be surprised if he starts moving up boards.
20. Tyler Eifert, ND TE Great size and speed for a NFL TE and will be a next level starter.  He needs to further develop his blocking to be an every down TE, but is a 1st rd talent.  He would be a fine replacement for Tony Gonzalez in Atlanta.
21. Kenjon Barner, ORE RB The next super fast Oregon RB is stronger than LaMichael James and just as fast.  Barner can be a PPR star in fantasy.
22. Knile Davis, ARK RB Ankle problems have cursed his college career, but Davis has the game the NFL wants in a full-time back.  Keep an eye on Davis’ draft stock in the coming months.
23. Mike Glennon, NCSU QB I have Glennon a little higher than most because I expect a monster senior bowl week for him.  He has ideal NFL size and has all the tools to succeed at the next level as long the Bills don’t draft him.
24. Le’Veon Bell, MSU RB At 244 lbs, Bell will not be a every down back, but he should be a legit TD machine in the NFL. 
25. Denard Robinson, MICH WR/RB Too small to play QB at the next level, Robinson has the speed to play in the NFL.  He has shown good hands and ability to elude tackles.  Look to Randel-El or Harvin as prototypes for Robinson’s game.

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