The BBWAA is killing the baseball hall of fame.

hi-res-98022862_crop_exactYesterday the Baseball Writers Association of America failed the baseball hall of fame by not electing anyone to the class of 2013.  The BBWAA made a stand and decided that a field the included Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and  Mike Piazza did not deserve an inductee.  The high road is killing the baseball hall of fame.  The baseball hall of fame has lost over $9.2m over the past 4 years and will continue to lose money until the BBWAA decides to elect the game’s best players or until the baseball hall of fame decides to change the voting process.  With the money and the attendance dropping rapidly, the HOF must make a stand against the BBWAA.  They need to openly address the MLB’s record ignoring steroids and the MLB using the numbers produced in the steroid era to fill their pockets.  The baseball hall of fame needs to include the game’s greatest players, no matter what their past or their story is.  Put up a steroids wing or talk about their “steroid use” on their plaque.  Just don’t leave them out.  Just don’t force the hall of fame to become an old dusty museum that no one visits. 

Here are some of my ideas to fix the hall.

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMove it to Baltimore.  What better place for the HOF than the birthplace of Babe Ruth.  Cooperstown is nowhere and the HOF needs to be near something to thrive.
  • Retool the voting process.  Remove some writers and add some new younger writers.  Add some former players and other hall of famers as voters.  I would feel a lot better about Craig Biggio or Tim Raines not making it, if their peers voting them down and not a bunch of non-players.
  • If you have a ballot and you don’t turn one in, you no longer have a ballot.  Done!



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