The Colley Matrix poll still has Notre Dame ranked #1

NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Alabama vs Notre DameIf there was anyone out there who thought the BCS system wasn’t broken, they need to pay close attention to this.  The Colley Matrix is one of the 6 computer used by the Bowl Championship Series to determine their rankings and they still have Notre Dame ranked behind Alabama.  The Matrix has Alabama ranked 2nd, but even more embarrassing than that they have Florida ranked 4th.  That’s the same Florida that lost to Louisville (#17) in the Sugar Bowl last week.  How can the BCS justify even using such a worthless system as a ranking aid?  I would rather go back to just using the pollsters to pick our national champion.  At least with them, I know that no one thinks that Notre Dame belongs on the same field as Alabama.  The Colley Matrix uses a sophisticated system of math and science to prove that computers don’t know a damn thing about college football and we can’t get to the 2015 4-team playoff fast enough.


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