The Morning Dump: 01/10/13

I’m still pissed at the BBWAA for pitching a shutout yesterday.

imagesI love that the same cities that whine about losing a team, feel no remorse in taking one from another city.  It looks like the Sacramento Kings are about to become the Seattle Supersonics.

I think Bruce Arians can be a good NFL head coach, but these 2 hospitalizations have to hurt his chances.  A health red flag will get him left off some interview lists.  I still think he has a shot in San Diego.

I wonder how much Lance Armstrong is going to spill to Oprah.  I don’t think he is going to give up anything and continue to hold firm.

LSU has some restocking to do after at least 10 underclassmen have declared for the NFL draft.

Kevin Love’s broken hand looks worse than expected and after surgery he will miss 8-10 weeks. 

imagesCA0LHDQ2With Kelly’s injury hurting Duke, can Michigan become college basketball’s team to beat?  I’m looking forward to Duke’s first short-handed test against NC State this weekend.

Jerry Jones doesn’t think injuries are an excuse for bad defensive play and Rob Ryan paid the price.


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