The Morning Dump: 01/11/13

Great look at how the families of two slain men have not forgiven Ray Lewis.

imagesSeau’s brain tests hows signs of CTE and I bet  a lot of players who are starting to worry about what they are doing to their bodies.  Do they care enough to stop?  No, chance.

The Cleveland Browns are a joke.  Chudzinski is a wasted hire and bringing in Norv Turner as OC is not much better.

Justin Upton isn’t going to the Mariners.

Hey Jim Buss, saying your are not going to panic sounds a lot like you’re starting to panic.


Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

The Hall of Famers vs. the Hall of Fame rejects.  The rejects got a chance.

After Oregon beat Arizona, Duke and Michigan are the only undefeateds left.  The Devils go on the road to NC State and Michigan hits the road vs. Ohio State this weekend. 

My straight up NFL playoff picks are: 49ers 27-24, Broncos 34-24, Patriots 38-17, Seahawks 32-17

If a party with P-Diddy can’t fix the Gordon-Bowyer feud, nothing can.


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