The Morning Dump: 01/14/13

imagesStill recovering from the best weekend of football in sometime.  That Broncos/Ravens game was epic and the Falcons/Seahawks game was just as good.  Kaepernick had his coming out party and Tom Brady showed why he may be the best.

The Ravens are already giving the Pats some bulletin board material.

Lance Armstrong is going to spill his guts to Oprah today, with the hopes that he will be able to repair his damaged image.  The interview will air on Thursday.

Team are starting to question Roy Oswalt’s heart and drive to get back in it.

imagesCA030465With Duke and Michigan taking their first losses of the season, Louisville should move into the top spot.  Duke is still very good, but they will have trouble if Kelly and Curry’s injuries linger.

There was a lot of talk about Dan Le Betard’s great piece on Jason Taylor over the weekend and the hype was worth it.  Take the time to check it out.


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