The Morning Dump: 01/17/13

4996_487028874677139_1216478225_nNo matter what happens with this Manti Te’o mess, his new teammates in the NFL must give him the nickname “Catfish”.

Here’s a list of 6 other famous people who never existed.

Lebron James became the 13th and youngest member of the 20,000 point club.

vegas-stadiumUNLV is building a new stadium with a 100 yard video screen and the city of Las Vegas would love to have the NFL in town for any event they would agree to.

Please say it ain’t so. Is my girl Rhonda Rousey a “Sandy Hook Truther”?  Does anyone have the balls to ask her about it in person?  I wouldn’t.

Chip Kelly had a change of heart and decided to give the NFL a shot.  I don’t see this working out and I think Kelly runs back to college sooner than later.  The Eagles need a backup plan.

Lance Armstrong’s big ol Oprah confession is tonight at 9pm.

Alex Rodriquez had hip surgery and should be back striking out in the playoffs in no time.


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