The Morning Dump: 01/18/13

11989450-1358377906-240x180How are my North Carolina readers doing?  Did you survive the ‘Great Winter Storm of 2013’?  It was bad, I had to turn on my defrost this morning.

What did you think about Lance on Oprah last night?  Too much we and us instead of I for me.

Ryan Leaf has been moved from rehab to prison for bad behavior.  As bad as Leaf’s story is, he still isn’t a bigger bust that Jamarcus Russell.

imagesCANVEGPAThe Cardinals have hired Bruce Arians for Head Coach and that pissed Ray Horton off enough to walk away.  Horton is a great DC and will not be out of work long.

The World Baseball Classic rosters are out and Venezuela looks stacked.

Vilma’s defamation suit vs. Roger Goodell has been dismissed.  I’m glad to see this whole Bounty deal is starting to wrap up.

2013 NBA All-Star Game Starters announced.  No bad fan choices this year, so Barkley should be happy.

imagesIs it wrong that I hope the Falcons get to the Super Bowl and then Matt Bryant gets his right leg bitten off by a Louisiana alligator?

Since there are no unbeaten teams left in D-1 basketball, let’s look at the 2 teams with 0 wins.



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