The Morning Dump: 1/23/13

imagesBill Callahan is shocked and outraged over the ‘Super Bowl sabotage’ accusations from Tim Brown and Jerry Rice.  I don’t know who to believe in this story.  Either Brown has held on to something this big for 10 years and Bill Callahan did something not seen since the 1919 Black Sox or this is one hell of a grudge.

In more sad Raider news, JaMarcus Russell is attempting to get back in the NFL.  Down from his last known weight of 320lbs, Russell is working with Marshall Faulk, Jeff Garcia and Mark Clayton with the hopes of getting another chance.

Manti Te’o has a receipt for flowers for a fake funeral and thinks that’s his alibi.

I thought maybe the Dallas Cowboy players would have learned something from the death of Jerry Brown, but I guess not.  Jay Ratliff crashed his truck into an 18-Wheeler and was arrested for DWI yesterday.

The findings of CTE in living former NFL players is a big step in helping to prevent the disease.

The Dodgers and Time Warner Cable have reached a reported $8B deal to create the Dodgers TV Network.

imagesCAAF6FJC19-year-old American Sloane Stephens knock Serena out of the Australian Open and ended her dominating run.

Johnny Manziel’s Heisman winning season brought Texas A&M over $37M in exposure.


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