Manti Te’o was talking to a dude.

ronaiah-tuiasosopoHow do you have 1,000 conversations with someone and not pick up the fact that it’s a dude on the other end of the phone?  According to a report by the NY Daily News, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was the voice of ‘Lennay Kekua’ during all those conversations with Manti Te’o.  Either Te’o is the most gullible out-of-touch person ever or Tuiasosopo has the greatest female voice in the history of the world.  How do you not slip up and answer the phone with your man voice?  Did he ever cough during any of these calls?  What happened when Te’o’s roommates answered the phone?

Tuiasosopo: “Can I speak with Manti?”

Roommate:  “Manti, some dude is on the phone for you.”

Te’o:  “Hello!”

Tuiasosopo:  “Hi, honey.”

Te’o: “Oh, hey Lennay.  They told me it was some guy on the phone for me.”

Tuiasosopo:  “No just me.  Cancer makes me talk like a dude.”

Te’o:  “Cool, I love you!”

imagesCANB4TQ4Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman couldn’t keep this up for a whole movie and this guy keeps it up for this long.  Get this man a wig and get him in the movies.  No, wait forget that.  Get this man a reality show where he calls dudes and tries to get them to fall in love with him and then he drops the bomb and by bomb I mean shows the tackle.  Must watch TV.




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