The Morning Dump: 1/24/13

imagesCA7A7BHBTom Brady got fined $10,000 for coming in spikes hot on Ed Reed in the AFC championship game and Frank Gore got fined $10,500 for having his socks too short in the NFC championship game.  That sounds about right.  This was actually the 2nd best slide of Brady’s career.

The NCAA should tell Miami they screwed them more often, because the Canes may be the best team in the country then.  They flat-out embarrassed #1 Duke last night by 27 points.

Speaking of the Miami screw job, how much credibility does the NCAA have left?

imagesCA8GH1PVThe Houston Rockets and Royce White are close to reaching an agreement that White will only have 3 breakdowns a season and that the Rockets will not expect much out of him.

The have Lakers already lost their 25th game of the season and this is the first time the Lakers will lose more than 25 games in a season since the 06-07 season.

I guess I should join this class action lawsuit and get some cash back for a couple of Father’s Day gifts of Lance Armstrong books.  I’ll get you something else Pops, don’t worry.

Maybe us Saints fans and the city of New Orleans should welcome Roger Goodell to our fair city.

Browns scouting meeting

Browns scouting meeting

How incompetent are the Cleveland Browns?  The word out of the Senior Bowl is that Cleveland doesn’t have any coaches in Mobile scouting players.  That’s how you continue to be joke franchise.

The estate of Junior Seau has sued the NFL and helmet maker Riddell in a wrongful death lawsuit.  The suit claims that Riddell’s poor helmet designs and the NFL willful disregard of player safety led to that bullet jumping out of Seau’s gun into his chest.

I didn’t know you could take a ten minute medical timeout in tennis for getting your butt kicked and you were losing your shit.


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