The Morning Dump: 1/25/13

I hope you are preparing for “2013 Triangle Winter Fury II”.  You don’t want to be out there when it gets cold and nothing happens.

20130124_ajw_bs8_416-33345f50eb58aa32163187d34541796fUCLA and Shabazz Muhammad upset #6 Arizona last night and are starting to look like a team that can make a NCAA title run.

Justin Upton has joined his older brother with the Atlanta Braves in a trade yesterday.  The 2013 Braves will be fun to watch, but that lineup looks to be very strikeout prone.

Only 2 days back on the job and Sean Payton has fired the leader of the worst defense of all-time, Steve Spagnuolo.  Also out in the 4-3 scheme and in will be a new 3-4.  Also out will be Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma, as they don’t fit and are too expensive to keep.  Look for the Saints to draft a 3-4 DT in the 1st round.  No defensive candidate has emerged, but Alabama DC Kirby Smart is getting some run.

It took a bit more than 5 minutes, but Rob Ryan is back in the NFL.  The brash coach will be the next DC for the St. Louis Rams.  He should have fun with that good young defense.

Carl Pavano slipped and fell while shoveling snow and ruptured his spleen.  Time to hang it up, Carl.

I missed you, Hockey.  Do that thing I like.



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