The Morning Dump: 1/28/13

The Pro Bowl had some moments of solid effort and maybe it’s enough to save the vacation experience the players love, from Goodell’s chopping block.

saturday-resizeNice touch and show of class by the NFL by letting Jeff Saturday (NFC) snap the ball to Peyton Manning (AFC) one last time.  Saturday retired after the game and got to have one last moment with his QB of 13 years.

The St. Louis Blues saluted Stan The Man in their own special way before their game on Sunday.

Hector Longo of the EagleTribune, thinks that the Patriots should part ways with Tom Brady and collect a windfall of talent and future building draft picks. 

Bernard Pollard has struck again and tore Rajon Rondo’s ACL on a vicious hit.  The Celtics will look to Avery Bradley today, but may be in the trade market for a PG.

LeSean McCoy learned you don’t start a Twitter war with your baby mama.  It never ends good. 

U158P5029T2D554242F24DT20130128090739Lionel Messi scored 4 goals yesterday to continue Barca’s dominance and to make him the youngest ever to score 200 goals.

A-Rod getting into the Hall of Fame is looking more and more like a pipe dream.  The DEA and MLB are looking into Anthony Bosch for links to steroids and HGH.  Bosch is/was A-Rod’s nutritionist and dietitian.

Maybe someone should look into stopping the Winter X Games.  Over the weekend a snowmobile crashed into the crowd, 6 participants were sent to the hospital and Caleb Moore is in the ICU with a brain injury and a heart contusion.

imagesCAY7NKXOThe 2013 Royal Rumble was last night and The Rock beat CM Punk to win the WWE Championship.  Are they setting up a John Cena vs. The Rock Title match for Wrestlemania 29?

Michigan looks to be the #1 team in the nation when the polls come out today and will hold that ranking until the polls come out next week.

Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka held court and defended their 2012 Australian Open titles.

Tiger Woods is 6-shots up at Torry Pines and will re-start his round on the 8th hole at 2:10pm.  They should let the trophy engraver go ahead and finish it up and go home early, because this thing is done, son.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 1/28/13

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