TSD Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

untitledThe bitterness of the Saints getting “Goodelled” out of a hometown Super Bowl hasn’t completely left me, but I am still very excited about what should be one of the best Super Bowl matchups ever.

Game Points:

  • Legends:  Super Bowl XLVII will feature 3 of the best players at their respective positions ever with Ray Lewis (LB), Ed Reed (S) and Randy Moss (WR).
  • The Family Connections:  Patrick Willis is dating Joe Flacco’s sister, but Joe Flacco doesn’t know it yet and they aren’t going to tell him until after the Super Bowl.  Shhhhh!
  • The 49ers are putting their perfect 5-0 Super Bowl record on the line to try to win their record tying 6th Super Bowl (Pittsburgh).
  • The is the 10th New Orleans Super Bowl and the first since Hurricane Katrina.
  • Expect Donte Whitner or Bernard Pollard to knock someone out cold.


rayThe Ravens lost 4 of 5 to close out the season, but have come together behind an inspired Ray Lewis and a moving towards ELITE Joe Flacco.  Their offense has gotten smarter since Jim Caldwell took over and I love how they are using Dennis Pitta over the middle.  They must be able to run the ball enough to make the 49er DBs move up to the line or Flacco may have a hard time finding room to throw.  The Ravens D will have trouble with Kaepernick when he gets mobile and they must find Vernon Davis.


colinWhen Jim Harbaurgh made the move to Kaepernick, it was questioned if it was the right move, but that has been settled by the 2nd year QBs solid play.  He brings so much to the offense and I don’t think the Ravens have the horses to contain him.  On defense, the 49ers must not let the Ravens WRs get behind them (Ask Denver how that worked out for them) and they need to find their pass rush.

Pick:  49ers 34-Ravens 24

imagesCAR79LLHI give the edge to San Fran because of Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis.  Kaepernick may be the future for NFL QBs and his ability to move and throw bullets is a huge weapon for the 9ers.  Dennis Pitta vs. 49er LBs and Vernon Davis vs. Raven LBs will factor huge.  I give that edge to Davis.  Flacco will have a fine game, but the 49ers are the most complete team and they will win.  The 49ers will get a return TD and Randy Moss gets a deep TD.


3 thoughts on “TSD Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

  1. So you’re taking the rookie QB and a guy that Hall of Fame LB Mike Singletary said, “Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can’t do it . . .” about, in the Super Bowl? A ROOKIE QB. Now Jumbo, you know where my loyalties lie, but 34 points against the veteran defense of the Ravens is a stretch. I’ll be looking forward to my free lunch.

  2. I would take Mike Singletary’s opinion on coaching if he was a HOF Coach and not a HOF LB. (Who’s the only HOF player to have success as a coach?) Kaepernick is a 2nd year player.
    3 Reasons why the 49ers will win.
    1. Moblie QB: The Ravens are 0-2 this season vs. teams that have mobile QBs (Eagles, Skins) and Kaep is better than both of those guys.
    2. Special Teams: 49ers will exploit the Raven’s poor special teams play and get short fields and maybe a TD.
    3. Vernon Davis: The Ravens don’t have an answer for a good TE and Davis will exploit that. His speed will be too much.
    Thanks for lunch.

  3. Ha ha, after the fact it’s easier to be the armchair quarterback. The Ravens experience showed in the game. Flacco seemed to keep his composure, Kap seemed to lose his at times. They’ll be strong again next year.

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