The Morning Dump: 2/5/13

I’m back and refreshed after a long weekend that started with being sick on Friday and ended with a Super Bowl Monday National Day of Mourning for the end of football.  Is it September 5th yet?

Early Super Bowl XLVIII Pick:  Saints vs. Broncos or 49ers vs. Patriots or Falcons vs…  okay this is getting out of hand.  There is no way the Falcons can get to the Super Bowl.

imagesThe Lions waived the next Calvin Johnson yesterday. 

A burst pipe in the Baseball Heritage Museum in Cleveland has led to the destruction of a number of priceless baseball artifacts like some gloves and bats.

Lebron went 13-14 and scored 31 points vs. the Bobcats.  An almost perfect line for the Greatest Player Ever.

Some members of the NBAPA are wanting Donald Fehr to lead the players union.  Can Fehr go from baseball to hockey to basketball?

When you see the headline “Former NASCAR driver leads police on 2-state chase”, does your first thought go to Jeremy Mayfield?

imagesCAMCIJOVIndiana is back at #1, but it will only last a week.  Here comes Florida.


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