The Morning Dump: 2/6/13

Was I the one that said Florida would be #1 next week?  I should have asked Arkansas about that first.

130119211818-robert-nkemdiche-p1-single-image-cutKeep checking back with the Rivals Top 100 List throughout the day as the signings happen.

Joe Flacco’s agent is doing exactly what he should be doing.  Yelling at the top of his lungs that his guy deserves the cash.

The Lakers are starting to play well, but there is no way they can keep it up with all the injuries they have.  May be a very dangerous team in the playoffs if they can get healthy.

America’s Most Disliked Athletes

Ryan Braun had made a statement about his relationship with Tony Bosch and Biogenesis.

Was I the only one that thought Lindsey Vonn’s crash didn’t look that bad?  Torn ACL and MCL will ruin her 2014 Olympic chances though.

What happens when the toughest hockey player in Tampa Bay picks a fight with the baddest man in Philly? “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep you big dumb Canadian”



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