If I Was The Ravens GM For A Day I Would…

imagesPlace the regular non-exclusive franchise tag on Joe Flacco and hope a team takes him.  If you use that tag on him you’re on the hook for $14m-$15m if he stays for 2013, but if a QB needy team takes him, you will gain two 1st round picks in the upcoming drafts.  The Ravens are an older team and they need the fresh influx of players to their roster that multiple 1st rounders provide.  Losing Lewis, Reed, Suggs, Bolden and Flacco could be offset by the addition of Alex Smith or Matt Flynn and some draft talent.  Am I saying that Smith or Flynn are better than Joe Flacco?  Not at all.  I’m saying that after losing the WR that bailed Flacco out countless times in the playoffs, do you really want to put all your chips in the Flacco basket.  Turn the draft currency you pocket from a QB needy team (KC, BUF, JAX) taking Flacco and turn it into solid replacements for your veterans.

or just pay Joe Flacco $20m per year.


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