The Morning Dump: 2/8/13

For the 5th week in a row, the #1 basketball team in the nation takes a loss after Illinois upset the Hoosiers at the last second.  The NCAA Tournament should be extra mad this year.

imagesCAUW840XWhat is the over/under on how many times the Ray Lewis statue in front of the stadium will have deer antlers or a blood stained white suit on it in the first year?  52?

You know that MLB is going to be looking into Curt Schilling’s claims that a Red Sox staff member recommended PEDs to him.  I wonder if this is true or if Schilling hadn’t heard his name in a while and just wanted the press.

Barca locks up Messi until 2018 and the entire country of Spain declares a national holiday.

The Celtics roll the Lakers and Dwight Howard is a bum.  At least the Lakers get to play in the friendly confines of Charlotte tonight for a bounce-back game.

imagesCARFCNCJFelix Hernandez’s average fastball speed has dropped from 96mph to 92mph in the last 5 seasons.  I wouldn’t give that guy 7yrs/$175M.

The talked Boozer-Bargnani trade doesn’t make sense for Chicago.  Why bail out Toronto?  Keep Boozer for the season and amnesty him after.

Smart move for both Boston and the Islanders for doing the Thomas trade.  Bruins get cap relief and the Islanders get roster flexibility.  I don’t think Thomas plays at a high level again.

Clint Bowyer says that the 2012 season for MWR was no fluke.  I’m pumped for this upcoming Sprint Cup season.

Rangers broadcaster John Giannone takes and puck to the beak and lives to tell his tale.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 2/8/13

  1. I Agree With You About “King Felix”, Dude.
    The Kid Is A Great Pitcher, Sure, But He’s NOT Worth $175Million.
    The Mariners Are Going To Be Kicking Themselves For That One… …Eventually.

  2. The only good thing is that contract won’t scare off the big spenders like the Dodgers or Yankees if they want to trade him later. You’re not winning a WS in Seattle in the next 10 years, so just trade him for the talent and build your farm system.

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