The Morning Dump: 2/13/13

I don’t know what people have against Mondays, because Wednesday are much worse.

imagesIt was tough to watch Nerlen’s Noel go down with what looks like a serious knee injury.  The one and done rule needs to be called what it is.  It’s just another legal robbery by the NCAA on kids they make billions off of.

4 Alabama players were arrested for charges ranging from assault, robbery, fraud and just being idiots.  This was a big prisoner recruiting pull for the Tuscaloosa Police force since these 4 players have 18 stars between them.  Tuscaloosa Police Sgt. Brent Blankley said “I know the Columbus, Ohio police had a 20 Star arrest day last year, but our 18 Star day is the best this year.”

Connor Bird don’t play around when he gets in an argument with his ex.  He don’t play at all.

The IOC is planning on pinning wrestling as an Olympic sport in 2020.  This is crazy and I don’t think wrestling will go away without a fight.

The BIG10 has announced that they are not going to play anymore FCS teams after the current schedules are done.  Looks like Michigan’s revenge game vs. ASU will be its last.

I know Vick said he wants to run for 1,000 yards for Chip Kelly’s Eagles, but trying that would be the worst thing ever.

imagesCAALF4LHIt’s spring training time for the MLB and I can’t get the sight of Roger Dorn walking into camp carrying his golf clubs.

Great piece on the Netflix show “House of Cards” and why South Carolina should love it.

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2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 2/13/13

  1. Hats for bats…keep bats warm

  2. Top 5 Movie of All-Time. Not just sport, but all movies.

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