The Morning Dump: 2/14/13

Public Service Announcement:  Today is Valentines Day for all you guys who may have forgotten.  Get out and get your girl something.

imagesCAC92B76I hope the reports that Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend by accident, thinking she was a home invader and not another senseless murder.

Derrick Rose is dropping hints that he may not play at all this year as he recovers from his ACL injury from last season.

Good luck to Johnny Knox on his career after football.  Knox has decided to retire instead of attempt an NFL comeback after one of the nastiest injuries you will ever see.

Smart move by the Vikings in locking up Leslie Frazier to an extension.

imagesCAY9RVB7I want need one of these Albert Belle bobbleheads.  His prime was short, but he was the most feared hitter in the game during that span.  He was also the most feared driver for trick or treaters. 

Is anyone else beyond pumped to hear Gus Johnson calling World Cup soccer?


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