The Saints Need To Say Goodbye To Jermon Bushrod.

JN1_8365_1347226080Before my fellow Saints fans start to blast me, know that I am a fan of Jermon Bushrod.  I have a special place in my heart for all the “Big Uglys” in the black and gold trenches, but that doesn’t mean I can’t let one go.  The reality is that the 2-time Pro Bowler is an expendable part of the Saints offense.  He isn’t one of the game’s top left tackles and the Saints must move on from the assumption he is.  He can be let go without any significant damage to the Saints offense and replaced easily in this offseason with a number of ways.  

imagesCA6ZOUVLThe Saints could take the same route they took in acquiring Bushrod and look for an OT in the 4th or 5th rounds of the upcoming draft.  Non-BCS standouts David Quessenberry and Terron Armstead could be had in the weekend days of the draft.  If they are looking for someone with a BCS pedigree, LSU OT Chris Faulk could be an option if his injury history and weight problems get straightened up. 

The draft is my preferred route in acquiring a new LT for the Saints ,but I understand a non-elite LT talent may take some time to develop into that type of player and I don’t think that Charles Brown or Wil Robinson are ready to take that step.  This is where going after a free agent RT and making the move to LT could help the Saints.  The name that most comes to my mind is Detroit RT Gosder Cherilus.  Picking up a RT of Cherilus’s caliber and moving him to LT is a risky move, but I think Cherilus has the talent to make the transition and free agent RTs come cheaper than LTs.  He would also bring a touch of toughness that Bushrod doesn’t consistently show.


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