The Morning Dump: 2/18/13

imagesCABDHSE0What’s the best way to watch the NBA All-Star game?  Miss the first 2 hours by watching Killing Lincoln on NatGeo and then turn on the game.

Enjoy your time as the best PG in the NBA, Chris Paul.  Kyrie Irving is coming for you.

I was disappointed at the weakness of the “Danica on the Pole” jokes.  My advice to Danica is to start your 150 and park your car for the 500.  If you run the race, you will wreck and have to start in the back.  You need to save your wreck for the 5th lap of the 500.

Obama and Tiger had a good old fashion men’s golf outing over the weekend.  I bet Michelle gave The Pres strict “No Blue Martini” orders.

imagesCA8ZNJKVIf Ashton Kutcher’s claims are true, that he fronted one of the largest sports betting syndicates, I got so much more respect for Kelso.

The Chicago Blackhawks are still riding a season starting 15-game point streak.  The 16-game record is about to fall.

Lionel Messi scored his 300th goal for Barca over the weekend and continues his epic season.

Who should your favorite NFL hit with the Franchise Tag?

imagesCABXDUHTBryce Harper (230) and Mike Trout (240) aren’t the only guys coming into spring training with some added bulk.  The Kung Fu Panda showed up a bit soft at 262 and the Giants are not happy it.

How does the ACC think they can keep FSU, VT or Clemson in the conference, if this is the type of thanks they get for going to the ACC Title game?


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