New Orleans Saints 5 Year Draft Recap (2008-2012)

I graded the last 5 drafts for my beloved New Orleans Saints and came up with the following.  Check it out and offer a grade for your favorite team.

Top 3 Picks

1.       Jimmy Graham, TE (2010/3rd/95th)

The Saints reached in the 3rd round for raw PF TE out of Miami that has turned into one of the most dangerous TEs in the league.  In 3 seasons, Graham has racked up 215 receptions and 25 TDs on his way to being a key cog in New Orleans’s potent offense.

2.       Carl Nicks, OG (2008/5th/164th)

imagesNicks proved to be a 5th Rd steal and became the NFL’s best offensive guard.  He was named to 2 straight Pro Bowls and then left the Saints for big free agent $$ of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

3.       Martez Wilson, LB (2011/3rd/72nd)

Wilson finished the 2012 season as a legit threat to get to the passer.  Wilson should benefit greatly from the switch to the 3-4 and looks to be a breakout player for the Saints in 2013.

Worst 3 Picks

1.       Sedrick Ellis, DT (2008/1st/7th)

Sedrick Ellis has not been a bad player; he has just not been worth the 7th pick in the 2008 draft.  He has failed to make an impact on the Saints defense and is a prime candidate to be a former Saint any day now.

2.       Mark Ingram, RB (2011/1st/28th)

imagesI like Ingram and I feel that he has not been used properly in the Saints backfield.  That being said, I feel his pick was a bad pick considering it cost the Saints the 2011/2nd/58th and the 2012/1st/25th picks. 

3.       Charles Brown, OT (2010/2nd/64th)

The same draft that saw the Saints get a steal in Graham saw them reach for Brown in the 2nd.  The Saints were drawn in by Brown’s big school resume and made him the last pick of the 2nd round.  Brown has not developed in a solid NFL OT and the Saints may have to move on.

New Orleans Saints 5 Year Draft Grade:  C+

The Saints have a knack for finding some late round talent, but have had their share of early round blunders. 

  • 15/26 picks are on current roster (42%)
  • 3 Pro Bowlers

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