The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Day 1 Results

The first day of The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge is in the books and here are the results and some of the comments.

images#1 Michael Jordan defeats #16 Scottie Pippen 15-9

Pippen has years of “Jordan Rage” built up in his heart and it will explode on MJ in the form of hard fouls and elbows.  Jordan looks for a call, but the Jordan Rules don’t apply in this tourney.  Jordan gets it together and finishes Pippen off with a Jordan style takeover.

MJ rattles off 5 straight points by pushing off causing Pippen to snap and punch him in the face. Game is called, MJ wins 8-3.

Pippen probably shouldn’t be #16. This is closer than you think but MJ hits a couple faders after a couple pushoffs and wins. As Richard Phillips says, those pushoffs will likely result in a fight that has been brewing since the 90s.

Does anyone remember the video game Jordan vs Bird? #greatgameclassicmjvslb

GOAT (Greatest of all time).  Any era, any player, any style of game!

I’d imagine the MJ/Pippen game will likely get called early due to the fist fight that is guaranteed to happen.

imagesCA53DEWN#8 Jerry West defeats #9 John Stockton 15-3

My question though is, how is John Stockton even on this list let alone ranked higher than Pippen and Durant?  Look, in my opinion he’s the greatest pure point guard ever. He’s the all time steals leader and his assist record is untouchable, but I’m pretty sure you don’t pass in one on one (I’m not 100% on that though…the idea of passing at all is foreign to me).  He only scored 30+ ten times in his eighteen year career.   7 vs 10 better not be Dell Curry vs Cedric Ceballos!

Stockton picks up 15 assists, all to Jerry West. Loses 15-0.

This would be ugly. West wins. Half of West’s points come from Stockton dimes though. Poor Stockton.

Like any #8 vs. #9 game should be, West vs. Stockton will be close.  West didn’t become the logo for nothing, but 1-on-1 John Stockton’s pestering D and high % shooting gives him the edge.

They don’t give you the logo for being good!  1 on 1 There is no one for Stockton to pass to!

John Stockton forces us to enact a skunk rule after the logo runs him 15-0.

images#5 Kobe Bryant defeats #12 Kevin Durant 21-19

This was the hardest to pick today, but I think Kevin Durant pulls the upset. His length bothers Kobe enough to win a shootout. 20-18.

I really want to pick KD here because of his length but Kobe’s D and ball skills gets the win

Durant’s a better shooter and more physical.  Also size advantage.

The only matchup in the tourney that we could watch today is the #5 Kobe vs. #12 Durant.  Durant has the length to disrupted Kobe’s shot, but Kobe will win this game off the dribble and through intense defense.  Kobe Wins 18-16

imagesCAR2KMDT#4 Larry Bird defeats #13 John Havlicek 15-8

Look, I imagine Bird just starts doing trick shots at some point like the old McD’s commercials. Bird wins.

You don’t get the nickname “Larry Legend” just for hanging around the league for 15 years.  Bird can shoot lights out from anywhere!  Has the size advantage as well.  Bird will be tough to beat in any round.

Bird spots Havlecik 12 points. Wins 15-13 and makes John cry from the constant taunting.

Larry Bird will have a huge shooting advantage over fellow Celtic legend #13 John Havlicek.  Havlicek is a better defender, but he won’t be able to stop Bird from lighting it up.  Bird Wins 15-7

No upsets on the first day and it sets up the 2nd round matchups of #1 Michael Jordan vs. #8 Jerry West and #4 Larry Bird vs. #5 Kobe Bryant.

Tomorrow morning at 9am we will roll out the first 4 matchups of the “Bigs”.


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