The Morning Dump: 2/26/13

imagesCA27YS01Tom Brady signs a 3 year/$27M extension with the Patriots and gives them a $15m break on their 2013 and 2014 cap.  How is this going to affect Flacco’s contract talks with the Ravens?

Steven Jackson has voided the final year of his contract and will test the free agent waters.  I see him in Green Bay next season.

Jose Canseco needs to go back to doing what he’s good at…  Sending awful Tweets.

Manti Te’o did himself no favors with a 4.81 40 yesterday and Eric Fisher has entered the #1 pick conversation.

The ACC released their 2013 football schedule yesterday and it’s the toughest non-conference schedule in the nation.  Too bad it’s one of the weakest conference schedules as well.

imagesCA60B03CDennis Rodman is in North Korea on a peacekeeping mission and to give tattoo advice to Kim Jong Un.  How much Bulls swag does Kim Jong Un have for him to sign?

The Blackhawks had to rally late to win in OT vs. the Edmonton Oilers to take their points streak to 19 games.


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