The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Day 2 Results

The second day of The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge is in the books and here are the results and some of the comments.

imagesCAZKADCS#1 Wilt Chamberlain defeats #16 Kevin McHale

First matchup is #1 seed Wilt the Stilt vs #16 seed Kevin McHale. This will probably be closer than the seeding suggests but I’m thinking Wilt’s Defense wi…ns this matchup. Side note: I’ve never thought about two 6’10” + guys playing 1-on-1 before. Actually pretty hilarious.
McHale will play Wilt tough and give him some serious hell in the post, but Wilt will be able to win in the end.  Wilt Wins 15-9

Chamberlain-  He can score on and off the court!

Odds are, Wilt probably slept with Kevin McHale’s wife. This game makes yesterday’s MJ/Pip contest look like two hand tag.

Wilt may seem like the clear favorite, but I’ve never seen him shoot outside of 5 feet.  If his career 50% free throws are any indication, it think he’s toast when runs up against someone he can’t back down…however, McHale just isn’t that guy.  I bet it’s closer than most would think, but Wilt prevails 15-10

images#8 Charles Barkley defeats #9 Elvin Hayes

His defeat of Hayes would be “turrible”.

Barkley is a good shooter and is ultimately just too strong for Elvin Hayes. Despite his height disadvantage, Barkley beats Hayes up for the win.

Elvin Hayes was stuck behind Russell and Wilt for most of his career, but he is a beast in the post.  Barkley was undersized for his position, but was never once outworked and he would not let Hayes beat him today.  Barkley Wins 15-12

The Round Mound was probably closer to 6’4″ than 6’6″, but he played like he was 6’9″.  I think it’s close until Elvin makes a weight watchers joke and Barkley unleashes on him.  Barkley 15-11

imagesCANDF1C3#12 Moses Malone defeats #5 Karl Malone

Moses Wins!  He is from the tough streets of Petersburg, VA.  Need I say more?

Moses is in trouble.  Karl will beat him up when Moses has the ball and even more when Karl has the ball.  Karl Malone wins this game and Moses may need help getting off the court.  Karl Wins 15-7

I’m picking the 12 seed again today. Moses Malone takes a 8-0 lead before Karl realizes John Stockton isn’t walking through that door. 15-10

Who is the greatest Malone in 1-on-1 history? #5 Karl vs #12 Moses. I’m taking Moses here. I watched some old highlights and he has some quickness that Karl can’t match. Obviously that is important in 1-on-1 ball.

#2 all time scoring…sorry Moses, he’s too big, too strong and his elbows are too sharp.  The Mail Man takes it 15-13

Hakeem-Olajuwon3#4 Hakeem Olajuwon defeats #13 Kevin Garnett

Garnett is quicker and better shooter.

The Dream is the most complete big man in this tourney and has a real shot to win this whole thing.  That being said, Kevin Garnett matches up very well with him.  Garnett plays strong defense and is quick enough to move with Hakeem.  I think this game is close, but the best defender all-time (Hakeem avg 4 blocks and 2 steals per game) shuts down Garnett more than Garnett can stop him and gets the win.  Hakeem Wins 15-10

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t care who else is on this list, Hakeem is the most talented big I’ve ever seen play.  He can handle the ball, shoot the J, he’s the all time leader in blocks, and oh yeah…Dream Shake.  Sorry KG if this was about running your mouth you’d be golden, but it’s not and the Dream just handed it to you 15-7

Finally, in what I think is the marquee matchup of today, is #4 Hakeem Olajuwon vs #13 Kevin Garnett. I know that some people think Garnett is tough and fiery on the court. Remember, no teammate is out there to jump between him and Hakeem so Garnett will most likely stay cool out there. I think Hakeem takes this one because he is so athletic. I can see him hitting fall-aways in KG’s face all day as well as playing enough D on KG to stay ahead.

People forgot how good KG was back in Minnesota before he became a total curmudgeon in Boston.  The problem though, is that Hakeem could do almost everything KG could but better.

Mostly chalk with a #12 over #5 upset today, sets up the 2nd round matchups of #1 Wilt Chamberlain vs. #8 Charles Barkley and #4 Hakeem Olajuwon vs. #12 Moses Malone.

Tomorrow morning at 9am we will roll out the next 4 matchups of the “Guards/Wings”.


2 thoughts on “The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Day 2 Results

  1. Moses, would have a hard time scoring on the mailman…. mailman takes it 15-8

    • I agree with you Tom, that Karl would overpower Moses and would win fairly easily, but we are in the minority. I think there is a bit of Utah bias against Malone and Stockton.

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