The Sports Dump All-Time 1-on-1 Basketball Challenge Day 3 Results

imagesCAK3MPJJ#6 Oscar Robertson defeats #11 Allen Iverson 15-10

#6 Oscar Robertson vs. #11 Allen Iverson: I love Iverson’s game and his ability to fight his way through a bowling alley, but the Robertson in his prime beats him 10 of 10. I really wish A.I. would have drawn a better 1st Rd matchup and made it to the 2nd Rd, but he gets rolled. Oscar Wins 15-6

Iverson-  speed kills and the killer crossover

No one is voting for AI in this one. Oscar certainly has many of the advantages in this matchup but let’s not forget that AI pretty much defined “hero ball” and that is exactly what 1-on-1 is. AI takes a close one after crossing up Oscar Robertson over and over.

Iverson was electric in his prime, and he’ll give the Big O a game, but no way he can pull the upset. Oscar wins 15-11.

This would be a fun matchup to watch, but I think AIs’ low field goal percentage holds him back. The Big O takes it 15-12. BTW he finishes with 15 points 12 rebounds 10 steals…what did you expect?

imagesCAD6DFNL#3 Lebron James defeats #14 Rick Barry 15-4

#3 Lebron James vs. #14 Rick Barry: The story is that Michael Spinks was crying in fear in the locker room before his fight with Mike Tyson and I think that Rick Barry would be having the same pre-game reaction to his matchup with Lebron. Rick Barry would have nothing for Lebron and Lebron crushes him. Lebron Wins 9-0 as Barry walks off the court and swears to never pick up a basketball again.

Lebron vs. Barry!  Really??????

Hate to see AI go down in the first and Jerry West advance…

You know how this one goes. Will LeBron let him score at all?

I could have seen this as the only shut out thus far, but Rick did average over 35 points per game in his second season. That being said, he still can’t hang with King James. LBJ takes it 15-6

imagesCA9AOOVO#10 Julius Erving defeats #7 Isiah Thomas 15-12

#7 Isiah Thomas vs. #10 Julius Erving: If Isiah was 6’5”, he would be among the game’s greatest of all time with his mix and speed and balls skills. The problem is he is not 6’5” and Dr. J is 6’7”. The Dr. will give Thomas trouble scoring and he dominate near the basket. Dr. J Wins 15-8

If this were a battle of sexual harassment allegations then my pick would be Isiah. It’s now so I’m going with the Doctor in this one and it isn’t close.

Isiah-  much better all around game/shooter

Julius averaged 50% from the floor for his career and had 2 steals a game and we all know what kind of athlete he was.  The more I research, the more I’m confident Dr. J is going to roll Zeke today. 15-6. #WeWantTheFunk

Isiah has some of the best handles this league has ever seen, that and his slightly better shot from the outside carry him to victory 15-13. Don’t fret If you’re a fan of the Doctor though, he takes every spot on the Sports Center top 10 with some vicious dunks at Isiah’s expense.

imagesCAQ1DW68#2 Magic Johnson defeats #15 Dominique Wilkins 15-13

Nique has the edge in athleticism for sure and Magic is going to have a real hard time trying to guard him.  But Magic is one of the most versatile players we’ve ever seen. I expect him to force Nique to shoot jumpers and destroy him in the post.

#2 Magic Johnson vs. #15 Dominique Wilkins: If am building an All-Time Team, Magic is 100% my point guard. He makes everyone on his team better and is the greatest floor general EVER, but he would be overmatched vs. Wilkins 1-on-1. Wilkins’ speed and athleticism would wreck Magic’s knees and leave him a broken man. Wilkins Wins 15-10

Magic-  the name says it all

I agree with Charles James Copeland that this is the matchup of the day. Personally, I think Magic is the more creative player here but he was a better team defender than an on ball defender. That being said, I still can’t pick against him here since he was a better shooter than Dominique. If ‘Nique had more of a size advantage then I would have picked him here.

Magic may be the best all around player this league has ever seen, and his size at point guard was revolutionary. However, The Human Highlight Film may have been the second most lethal scorer in the league throughout the 80′s behind his Airness. He’s pissed when he sees Jumbo seeded him 15th and takes it out on Magic 15-9, his final point comes on a two-handed windmill while giving Chuck the evil eye.

After getting some monster dunks, Dominique was able to keep it close with Magic, but in the end, the #2 moved on.  Today’s results set up 2nd round matchups of #3 Lebron James vs. #6 Oscar Robertson and #2 Magic Johnson vs. #10 Julius Erving.

Tomorrow morning at 9am we will roll out the next 4 matchups of the “Bigs”.


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